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so my family wants to go to a once in a lifetime vacay over winter break with the kids (one is under 10) and the break is from December 25- Jan 5. We want to go somewhere warm, safe, and kid friendly. My father is getting older and does not want a long flight especially because the kids too. I personally, don't mind a long flight. We dont want to go to any random place, we want to go somewhere new, because, North america and europe can get boring. My mother wants to go somewhere where it is warm, only where it is warm. WE NEED HELP PICKING A DESTINATION!

Hi, Jacky -

I'd be glad to offer some suggestions, but you've left out some critical information here - especially where you live!

Also, you say you want to go someplace new, but you haven't mentioned where you have traveled before.

It would also be helpful to know what kinds of things your family likes to do on vacation - for instance, some people love to relax on the beach, while others find that kind of vacation boring. Does your family like outdoor activities, amusement parks, museums, just relaxing, etc??

I'd be glad to offer some suggestions if you can provide a bit more information.

FYI, my experience is mostly US-based.


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