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QUESTION: Hello there,
My question is more related to ideas of where to travel.
I am planning a vacation with my 9 yr old in April.
My only limitation is my fear of heights keeps my a bit paralyzed. I spend many hours on hundreds of websites trying to figure out where we can go without being afraid of what is there that we may potentially not explore.
Any ideas?
I live in So. California. I'm open to anywhere in the US, by plane or train.
Your ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

ANSWER: There are almost an unlimited number of places you could travel to in the US where you can avoid heights. You'll have to narrow things down a bit!

You said what you want to avoid, but what do you and your child LIKE to do? Do you like to explore natural places like national parks? Beaches? Amusement parks? Cities? Museums? What kind of weather are you looking for in April?

Give some thought to what kind of vacation the two of you want...then I'd be glad to give you some ideas based on your preferences.

Sue Jackson

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply.

We mainly would like to explore new cities. Hopefully not terribly expensive. We like events, fairs, children's museums, theater/shows.

I like antiques and when possible, like to take in an antique shop or 2 but if it can't be done that's ok too.

Weather is no problem for us, however, neither of us know how to ski or other snow sports.

Hoping to hear back from you soon.


Dear Margie -

Thanks - that gives me more to go on!

You might try to plan your trip around a single great thing you want to do, like a children's museum you want to visit or a great festival you want to try. Here is a list of the top 12 children's museums in the nation:
(click on the photo gallery to see all 12)

And this is a great site for finding festivals and other events:

You can search by date, by city, or with keywords (music, for example, or whatever type of festival you might enjoy)

One of our favorite cities to visit with kids is Baltimore. They have a great children's museum, plus the National Aquarium, a fun science museum, and a wonderful harbor filled with family attractions. Here's an article I wrote about it - click on the links for more info:

New Orleans is another favorite of ours - we used to live there before we had kids and we've taken our own 2 sons there to visit a couple of times and they loved it, too. They also have a great children's museum, plus a fabulous zoo and aquarium, and plenty of antique shops for you! Here's an article I wrote about it:
(no concerns about heights there - the highest point is barely above sea level!)

I've also heard good things about Austin, TX, though I haven't been there myself. Here's an article from Travel & Leisure on family travel to Austin (note that T&L tends to focus on expensive hotels, etc. but there are plenty of reasonably-priced ones in that area).

Another great Texas city for families is San Antonio - we have family there and visited with our sons when they were younger and had a great time. Besides their famous Riverwalk and the Alamo (which our sons enjoyed), they have a great zoo and a fun children's museum. Here's more info:

So, that should give you some ideas to start from - or maybe you'll want to check out the festivals database or list of children's museums and build a trip from there - planning the trip is half the fun!

Hope you both have a great time!


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