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Trees/Blue Spruce Root System


Blue wrote at 2013-04-17 12:17:22
We had to cut down green spruce trees that were planted within 12 feet of our above-ground pool because they were shedding too many needles into the pool.  We also noticed a root causing the pool to elevate on one side.  Whether it was a root from the green spruce or the aggressive root from a Chinese Elm tree further away, we can't determine.  When we disassembled the 23 year old above-ground pool, we saw a thick tree root had grown "inside" the foundation track of the pool which is supposed to hold the sides of the pool.  We planted green arborvitaes in place of the green spruce trees. Roots will follow the path of least resistance.  We also noticed the outline of tree roots underneath the pool liner but they did not cause any tears.  We are getting a new above-ground pool.


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