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subtle.twists wrote at 2014-03-25 01:40:58
My sunburst honey locust experience sounds very similar to yours.

When moving here 3 years ago, planted widand can offer only personal experience, as opposed to the skilled knowledge others can offer. variety of  12 trees &  5 shrubs, hoping to transform property from "sun scorched" to  "inviting". (As they were all end of season clearance &  sorry looking specimens, we expected to lose a few).  

  Fast forward to the following spring, and all seem to be thriving EXCEPT the honey locust!  It remained a 3' high, brown twig all summer long, not a leaf to be seen!  I followed a very religious schedule of watering all my new babies, and as that locust was in the middle of my watering "circuit", I  continued to water it even though I thought it was dead and would have to be replaced. (Admittedly, I CRINGED when I got to the locust ....imagining voices behind windows, "Honey, she's watering the dead stick again. Is she an idiot?")          

  No one was more surprised than I, when the second spring came and my little honey locust decided to sprout like a Chia pet!  Her growth hasn't matched her siblings (yet), but the last two growing seasons, she's been a lush little beauty, and am excited to see her progress THIS year!  So I wouldn't write yours off just yet.... continue with watering....and cross your fingers!   

 Btw, I am brand new to gardening & have MUCH to learn ...but confidence has grown with each new success! I can't yet offer any skilled knowledge, only personal experience...hope it has offered encouragement!

Good luck!


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