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Earlier in the year,I wrote to you regarding the removal of a concrete patio just a few feet away from a mature king crimpson maple that is within 20 feet from my house.  Thank you so much for you response in help.

I removed the concrete patio yesterday via jack hammer and cart.  Ican't see any roots where the cement patio was so I am assuming they are either really deep or the root system went around the patio.   Should I water the area where the patio was to help any damaged roots that I can't see?  Or do I water the tree trunk....or do I even need to water?   Also, we need to regrade the yard under part of the canapy.    Should we regarde it slowly....add (2) inches this week....wait another week and add another 2 inches?  Or would that not matter?  Unfortunately, part of the soil under the canapy slopes towards our house and water pools.

Also, we are taking your suggestion and looking into building a deck on the ground.  My husband is nervous about a rotting deck so close to the ground but we are looking into it.   We need to put rock under the deck.  Will the pressure of the rocks hurt the tree system?  We have leftover landscaping rocks (about a inch in size) that we could use.  Will that hurt the tree?

Thank you again for your time and help.

Sounds like the roots are not under the cement where you removed it so no need to water. Since there does not seem to be roots there adding the gravel to that spot will not harm the tree.

Grading the ground around the tree can cause problem. The added soil around the tree can  caused the soil to compact and air spaces were pushed out of the soil. Fill dirt changes the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide around tree roots and the roots may subsequently die. Any soil added over 2 inches deep will cause the tree damage.  The soil level around a tree should not be changed from the soil level at which it was planted. Adding soil (even a few inches) can smother roots and rot a trees trunk. Digging soil out can damage shallow roots. IF you have to add soil make sure you use sandy soil it compacts less. DO NOT run machinery under the tree this will compact the soil and kill roots.

Here is one method to make sure the wood is not in contact with the ground. IF you live in the South or in an area that has termites I would also treat the area before building.  


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