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Trees/Tree fungus?


I noticed a smooth very pale cream colored blob at the base of our old fruitless mulberry today. Feels spongy when poked with a stick and  measures approx 6" x 3". The tree itself appears healthy. However, a family member said it sounds like a fungus which is a sign the tree is dead/dying inside and needs to be cut down asap since it is near our house. Yikes! Does it sound like this is truly the case or would it be worth adding the cost of having a local expert out first to the price of having the tree removed?

There are a number of Basal Rot diseases that manifest in this way. If this fungal growth is from the tree, your family member may be right. However, if the area is mulched with shredded bark or wood mulch you may be dealing with a fungus appropriately called Dog Vomit Fungi. Dog Vomit Fungi is harmless, but gross. I recommend enlisting the help of a local Certified Arborist to make the determination.  


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