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Trees/Bald Cypress root problems


My neighbor has a Bald Cypress and it's system of knees and knots has invaded my property.  What are my options for removal of this?  Many thanks in advance.

Hello Mike,

Bald cypresses are great trees when planted in a suitable spot that allows for "knee" development, but I can see your frustration with your property being invaded. Unfortunately, removing these woody projections by cutting them off can do serious damage to the root system of the tree.  Short of having the tree taken down and “stump grinding” out the knees, there’s little that can be done. If the tree is damaging property such as your driveway or a building you might have an argument to get your neighbor to take down the tree. But if the tree is located in the corner or edge of your property line and isn’t really doing any damage other than preventing you from mowing your grass, then you unfortunately might not have much of a case for removal. Laws and regulations regarding tree issues like this will differ from state to state, county to county and so on. I’ve always found the best way in dealing with situations with my neighbors is face to face and cordial; most people when approached in a non-confrontational manner are more likely to see your perspective.

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