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Trees/Fence damaging tree branch


Injured tree limb
Injured tree limb  
I have a 20'tree where the fence next to it is cutting into 1/8" of the 4" diameter branch.  I could cut the 6" wide plank from the fence to accommodate the branch.  I don't know what care the branch would need afterwards.  Otherwise, if I cut the branch the tree will be lopsided (see illustrations), leaving a half dome crown. Since the stem of the tree is about 10" from the fence, I don't think I can prop the limb higher than the fence.  The branch forks out to three smaller branches that extend about 8' beyond the fence.  What would you suggest to handle this fence cutting into tree issue?

Hi Carl,

What species of tree is it?  By the sketch and description it is clearly a deciduous tree of some kind.  

The reason I am asking is to attempt to formulate what options we have.   Also what is diameter of stem where the branch/limb makes the attachment to stem?  


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