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I have a Golden Rain Tree that is 2 years old and has bloomed for both years. It was professionally planted. Last summer one small area of it turned yellow and died off. Contacting the Garden Center that we purchase from we were told to soak the roots we were having a very dry year. Did this.

This year it looks like my tree is dead - no sign of life any where. I am broken hearted. I love this tree. Not only that but we paid a small fortune to purchase and have it planted.  Any ideas. There does not appear to be bugs or anything eating it.

Thank you!

When you say last summer, I am assuming it was the 2nd summer you have had the tree.

When did you originally plant the rain tree, time of year.  I am hoping and assuming it was spring as I have seen more success with that time of year.

You mention only foliage, and a small area, did the tree bloom well each year.

You did not mention any mechanical damage to the bark area at all, the rain tree does have a relatively thin and easily damaged bark.  

It is considered a good selection for the urban landscape, and typically is tolerant to heat, poor soils and drought.  It does need water, but not excessive amounts.

When you say it was a very dry year, and most of us did have one, were there other trees in the neighborhood which were obviously having serious stress issues?  While dry season may have caused stress, the fact that you the area of yellow, dead foliage was a small area.  Typical drought stress would impact larger portions of the tree, and is not usually focused in a small area.

Do you have any photographs of it at various stages last year?

What city are you located in?

Thank you.  


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