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We have a very large perennial bed near a Norway Maple tree at our church.  Tree was donated by a man in memory of his wife so we can not cut it down.  The seeds make a summer long project of weeding due to all the young trees they produce.  
Is there any weed spray I can apply that will prevent their germination in an area that has foot traffic?  I understand Preem is recommended but it also has to go undisturbed to be effective.  We get frequent foot traffic throughout the garden so that would not be our best choice.
What do you recommend?
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The seedlings can be sprayed with a herbicide called Roundup. Roundup will kill and green plant so if the sprouting is in a lawn situation spraying will also kill the grass. IF it it in a lawn regular mowing should take care of the seedlings. If this has not worked you can wet a cloth with the roundup from the container and wipe the leaves of the seedlings. You would want to wear plastic gloves since the Roundup does have some odor and with odor can get on the hands. The herbicide will not harm you if you get it on you.

The sprouts may not be coming from seeds but from root sprouts. If this is the case,  Unfortunately, controlling root sprouts will be an ongoing, but ultimately futile task. Grubbing them is a short-term solution, but the sprouts will come back. Most people simply mow them regularly to keep them under control. In beds, mowing may not be an option and grubbing may be your only choice. Herbicides that will kill the root sprouts will greatly harm and likely kill the "mother" tree as well.

There are some growth hormones that will stop or slow the growth of these sprouts. One of these is called Sucker-Stopper a ready to use product. You might check with your local nursery/ garden type store for this product. Here is a link to information on Sucker- Stopper.  


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