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QUESTION: We purchased a house in northwestern Missouri last year.  One of the pine trees near our house appears to be dying.  Approximately 50% of the limbs have brown pine needles, although it hasn't worsened significantly over the past year.  The most noticeable and odd symptom is that there is a snapping sound coming from the tree.  It sounds like an electric fence shorting out, which is actually where we first thought the sound was originating from.

Suggestions on what it might be (someone suggested wood-boring beetles) and how to treat, or if treatment is even possible?

Sorry, I don't have any photos yet, but can take and send some later, if it helps.  Thanks in advance for your help!

ANSWER: Are you saying that 50 % of the limbs have all the needles not green OR 50% of the needles on the limbs are not green but there is still green needles on the limbs??? And are the "dying "limbs in the top of the tree OR all over? Yes a picture would help.

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Pine Tree
Pine Tree  
QUESTION: A photo is attached.  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!

Looks like bark beetles. Probably  engraver beetles. They attack the trunk and branches cutting off the flow of water and the needles turn red or brown. Looks like the pine was topped and this weakened the tree and allowed the beetles to attack the stressed tree. About the only thing that can be done is to remove the tree. Insecticides sometimes work but the bark of the trunk would need to be sprayed all the way to the top. The insecticide to use is Onyx but it will be difficult to spray the entire trunk. So sadly the tree should be cut. Sorry!


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