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Hi Mr Robin
I saw this tree lately in the mountain side and I fell in love with it
It Reminds me of the one from lion king ha ha
Could you please tell me what it's name is?

Hi Fouad,

It is definitely of the Albitzia family (genus).    I am not absolutely certain of the exact species within the family (genus).

There are around 150 species, and are often fast growing and fairly small to medium sized trees.  Their fruit is typically in a pod form.

I do not know what the flowers or pods on this particular tree look like, which would assist in a definite identification.

We can eliminate some of the species due to foliage shape, however there are still several which do fall within the foliage pattern you show.

I am not familiar with common names in your area, which is why I am showing the scientific names only.

I have been trying to figure out how to upload pictures, but have not been able to yet.  Therefore I had to search around the internet to try and find some items.

This is one possible fit based upon foliage and tree shape, the Albizia Julibrissin.

However, it is not the only species that fits, it is a likely match.  However, one also has to base the likelihood on geography, as some species are native to South America or Africa.  This particular species is native to southwestern Asia, which would be a fit for your area.

Update:  a Lebanese colleague of a friend has confirmed this to be a Albizia Julibrissin.   Wanted to follow up and close this off properly.  


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