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I am considering the purchase of several Emerald Isle Cypress trees, for use as a screen.  I have come across conflicting information on the mature width of the trees.  All printed info I have seen, including the hang tag on the trees say 6-8 ft wide.  Some garden center personnel say they more likely get 4-5 ft wide.  Under the best growing conditions, what is the correct info?  It will greatly affect the number and placement of the trees.  Anyone out there have direct experience with this type of tree?

If you intend to plant an Emerald Isle cypress this time of year, choose a time when the weather is forecast cool for a few days and plant in the evening when the air is a bit cooler.

You are planning to make a screen, so a bit closer is not bad.   Yes they will grow to the 6 to 8 foot width in our experience, however they are not thick at the outer extremes, best to plant closer to get a nice thick cover if using as a screen.  I would go with a width of 5 to 6 feet as a maximum guide when planting for screening.  

Nice tree for a screen cover or hedge.  


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