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Trees/problem with transplanted mature trees transplanted trees one year ago


We live in Calgary and had our yardlandscaped (clay removed and yard raised 8") to drain properly late last May.  The 10 year old lilacs and Schubert chokecherries were dug by bobcat and replanted in almost the same locations.  They are blooming but they have much smaller leaves than last year.  How should we care for them?

Whenever this occurs, we first look at baselines.   I know your weather was forecast to be a cooler spring and a dryer one.  What actually happened?   

The second question.  How are other shrubs in your neighborhood doing?   Do they have ample water?   They will have lost roots, and water will be critical.

When you say a Bobcat was used, do you mean by using a tree spade?

I am suspecting that this is not a serious issue to worry about at this point, but asking more questions,  

If you have photos, could you send a few?



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