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Hi, Im not certain if you received the previous information regarding your questions-

I dont live in Pensylvannia, but on Long Island, NY. I moved the
evergreen, from the inside of the house to outside because some of the needles were falling off, I water it once or twice a week.
Is there anything that I can do to save this, I have owned it for a number of years and dont want it to die, please help.



Hi Ken,

Where in Pensylvannia do you live?  Is this tree in a large pot that you bring indoors during cooler months?  

You say that you have has for several years, and it does appear to be fairly large and from structure has had a good life in the past.

How often do you water it, how dry do you let soil get between waterings.   What else do you do in the way of care, if anything?  

Robin Wells
ISA Certified Arobrist - ON-1565A
Consulting Arborist
Simcoe Muskoka Tree Services

Hi Ken,

How long since you moved outside, and has anything changed in way of health?

While there are a few reasons for needle drop, the most common is water and humidity. Too much water is the worst, too little will also cause drop but often times they recover.  Inside in winter, they often need misting, as they need and love high humidity.   Generally speaking it is not related to nutrients or other factors.

Did you mist when inside, and have you done so in past winters?   

Trying to determine what has changed from past years.  It appears to have been ok in past years, wondering why this one is different.

Sorry for late response, holiday weekend and been busy volunteering.  


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