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Red maple leaf spots
Red maple leaf spots  

Red maple leaf
Red maple leaf  
I have a 30 gallon red maple that I planted about two months ago. It has been doing very well, but lately I Jenn seeing some strange and concerned  areas on the tree. The consern I have is on the leaves I been having black tips on the leaves and when wet it bleeds on your skin like a water down coke. I have been reading that this maybe signs of overwatering and underwatering but no one can tell me the diffrence in the two. I'm consern that it might be something on the lines of fungas or diesese. I'm scared to lose the tree please help!!!

Really difficult to ID the problem. There are signs of feeding of the leaves by insects (holes in the leaves). The discoloring in the veins is a sign of deficiency of nutrients. OR sign of herbicide damage. Have you used a product called Weed and Feed on the lawn near the tree? This contains a herbicide that will damage and kill trees. IF not I would recommend applying  10-10-10 fertilizer at the rate of 1 lb. per inch of trunk diameter scattered around the tree and watered in good. Apply just before a rain storm and you will not need to water. I would only water the tree if it has been a couple of weeks without rain. The water with 1 inch of water--place a pan under the tree and turn the sprinkler on and when the pan has 1 inch of water in it stop. Do this weekly. IF you have not done so mulch around the tree with not more than 3 inches deep of pine straw mulch. This will help hold the moisture around the tree. I am not sure what the bleeding is. You might want to check with the Texas Forest Service (state agency) ands ask one of their Foresters to come take a look.

Here is a link to their web contact page.


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