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I have pignut and shellbark Hickory trees. Last year on May 6th I sprayed my trees with Ethephon (florel), at a rate of 3OZ per gallon of water. I read how critical the timming was. I sprayed when the pod burst and gave forth the leaves that would be the flower. It did not work. I think I waited to long. The article says to spray when the flowers will be formed as the new leaves are budding. Sounds confusing . could you clarify this statement so that I may spray this year at proper time? Thank for whatever information you can provide.


It is not the date that is important but the budding out of leaves and flowers. This can occur at different times of the year depending on local weather conditions. IF the hickories have not budded out then spray the tree with the Florel. And if it rains you should re spray. Do this until the flowers Catkins stop growing. As you can see it may be a hit and miss but timing is everything. I would spray every week for three weeks to make sure you hit the timing. I can not give a date you will just have to watch local conditions.


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