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Trees/Maple trees dying of damaged barks


Damaged Bark
Damaged Bark  

Damaged Bark
Damaged Bark  
I have 10 maples with long pieces of barks broken after last severe winter.  Leaves become red and yellow.  
The broken barks is approprivately 5 feet by 3 inches on each tree.  Please help.

The maple in the picture with this much bark gone and damaged I am afraid is not going to survive. There does not seem to be enough cambium cells leaf to provide the water and nutrients to the foliage for the tree to live. I would remove this tree. Sorry. You said there were 10 trees involved? If so with out seeing the other nine I could not comment on them except that IF the bark is gone or loose almost all the way around the trunk then the chances of survival or low. IF there is still good solid bark or the trunk and the foliage is green. I would try fertilizing the trees with 10-10-10 fertilizer at the rate of 1 lb. of fertilizer per inch of trunk diameter scattered around the tree and watered in good. If you apply the fertilizer just before a rain event then you will not need to water. Make sure you do not use a product called Weed and Feed fertilizer on the lawn near the trees--this contains a herbicide that will kill trees.  


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