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Hello Jim,

I went to a zoo 2 months ago and find two Oak seeds on the ground. i wetted it for 3 hours then plant. after 2 weeks, little plant began to rise. now its like 10 inches high. she both of them are in a big pot but its autumn here. i guess its not oak planting time in fact. so i wonder until they got bigger what should i do to protect them from cold. now the pot is in balcony and weather is around 20 celcius. so its ok for now. but in a 2 months time it will be cold maybe oak seedling doesnt like cold? i have no idea. do you think they can survive winter in balcony? or should i wrap some plastic nylon someting around it? or do you think i should take it inside house.

thanks a bunch in advance.

Go ahead and select a place where you wan the tree to grow. Make sure that power lines are not over head. The general rule is In October, plant the “oak from an acorn” in a sunny location with plenty of room to grow, and away from overhead utility lines.  Dig the planting hole twice the width of the container to reduce conflicts with any nearby plants and to provide loose soil for new roots to develop.  Do not plant too deep.  You can just remove the plant and the soil and put it all in the new hole. The soil level in the container should match the soil level of the existing grade once planted.  Planting tip:  If you let the soil in the container dry slightly before planting, the root ball will slide out of the container easily, eliminating the need to cut the container.

Add a ring of soil to the outside of the planting hole to help retain rainfall and to aid in watering.  A half-inch of native tree chip mulch or other type of mulch can be added to aid in water retention as well as reduce evaporation. Mark it so you or someone else will not mow it down or trample it.
If you leave it in the pot the soil will freeze and kill the seedling. So go ahead and plant it out in the ground.


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