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I take care of the campus of my son's elementary school and there is an Alberta spruce with an overgrown reverted branch that wasn't tended in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately, the tree has a bare hole around the lower part of the branch that is reverted and will have a large bare spot showing if I prune off the reverted branch.  Can I trim the white spruce branch and to make it smaller?  Would it have to be pruned once a year or more?

ANSWER: Send me a picture and I should be able to come up with a good solution You can attach a picture to the question Thanks

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reverted branch on spruce
reverted branch on spr  
Sorry, we have had some bad weather and its made me tardy replying.  
Thanks for your patience.  I have tried to attach a picture so you can see the reverted branch and the bare spot next to it that I would like to cover up or improve somehow.

I think I would try pruning a small part of the branch similar to giving it a "hair cut" and then take some cord and tie the branch back in place to the trunk and see if this will train the branch to grow back normal. When you tie the cord you will need to put a padding around the branch and the trunk so the cord will not cut into the branch or trunk. A small piece of water hose and the cord run through it works well. You can find bracing cord at some garden/nursery type stores. I would remove this after one growing season. It is hard without seeing the overall tree but I think this should do the trick.


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