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I planted a 5 foot Crimson King Maple two years ago.  In the two years, it has tripled in size.  I am optimistic that is will be a beautiful tree.  I know that pruning should be in early spring and have one question with possibly only 1 branch to trim.  At the top, there are two branches reaching vertical for the sky. Neither looks as though it is the main trunk, I can't tell.  Should one of these or neither be trimmed, see photo attached.

Most maples, if in good health and free to grow, need very little pruning. Maples should Not be pruned in spring and will bleed profusely. Wait to prune until late summer to early autumn and only on a young tree. Generally you can prune the lower limbs off at the trunk to provide space to go under the tree but do not top the tree--this can kill the tree. Any dead limbs can be cut at anytime of the year. Here is a web link to information with pictures on How to Prune a tree. I did not get the picture so an not speak to the top. Sounds like it is forked and if so this is not a major problem. One leader can be cut off and the tree will then have only a single leader. This is best done when the tree is young. Please resend the picture and I can take a look. Thanks  


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