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I've read other posts about silver maples shedding bark- that's no big deal. Mine has had 2 pieces about 3 feet long and a 2feet wide. There is no bark left on these areas. That's what concerns me. This tree is huge!!!! Could flatten my house easy!! Plus Its my air conditioner in the summer!!! This losing the bark started maybe end of March. Was fine all winter. And this side of the tree faces south, but the age is probably 100+ years. Was wondering if there is anything to seal this area?
Thank You
Sue S.

As long as the foliage is green and full there is nothing to worry about. If the area where the bark has sloughed off is solid then the trunk is solid. Even if there is some decay in the trunk a tree this large would have enough support to keep it from falling. The best way to tell if a tree is breaking down is IF there are large limbs breaking off and the wood where the limb attaches is decayed. This would mean that there is decay all the way up the inside of the trunk to the limb. AND in this case the hazard from breaking is increased. But this does not sound like this is the situation here. NO I would NOT use anything to seal the wound. This will slow down the healing process and cause more damage than good. It may help the health of the tree if you fertilized the tree. Fertilize with 10-10-10 fertilizer at the rate of 1 lb. per inch of trunk diameter scattered around the tree and watered in. IF you apply the fertilizer just before a rain storm you will not have to water. This will increase the health of the root system and in turn the foliage. DO NOT use a product called Weed and Feed --this has a herbicide in it that will damage or kill tree.  


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