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I live in Michigan and have vines that grow up my tress and are strangling them. Can you tell me of the name of them and how to stop them from growing up the tree or is there a weed killer from them. Thanks in Advance.

This is a muscadine vine. Muscadine grapevines (Vitis rotundifolia), originally native to the southeastern United States, are found growing wild throughout U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 5 through 9. When given the right growing conditions, Muscadine grapevines are capable of becoming an invasive species. They thrive in soil that is high in nutrients and grow well on river banks. They are often seen climbing trees in woodland areas, and are highly tolerant to stress and disease, making them difficult to eradicate once established.

Cut the Muscadine grapevine 6 inches from the ground with lopping shears making the cut straight across the vine in one quick swipe. If the grapevine is climbing up a structure, make a second cut 5 feet from the ground. Carefully remove the top portion of the severed vine, pulling it down and away from the structure by hand. IF the vine can not be pulled down from the tree without breaking branches just leave it and as the vine decays it will either fall off or you can pull it later.

Apply Glyphosate herbicide (Roundup) directly on top of the severed Muscadine stump and any remaining foliage until it is generously coated with the solution. Reapply the Glyphosate application at two-week intervals through the growing season if green leaves continue to sprout or new growth forms.

If Muscadine grapevine sprouts emerge the following spring, Spry the new green foliage with the Roundup. A Note--Round up will kill and green plant it is sprayed on so be careful not to spray green leaves that you do not want killed. It is fine to spray the tree trunk as long as you do not get the spray on the tree leaves. Check with your local garden type store for Roundup  


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