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I have three medium size oak trees in my front yard. the tree closest to the driveway is dropping leaves, but the others (and my neighbors' trees) are not. I am in the Houston area and we have had plenty of rain. I do not see any signs of disease or marks on the tree. Thank you for any suggestions.

Sorry there is not much to go on. Usually when a tree drops leaves early it is due to lack of water but if the whole yard is watered the same this may not be the case. The other is genetic. In my neighborhood there is a maple tree that is turning but all the other 30 or so are not. I think it is a genetic difference in the tree species. In your case I would guess it is just an early leave fall and it will be fine next spring. IF nothing else was done to this tree that was not done to the others then based on what I konw about this tree I would say it is genetic and should be fine next spring.
Sorry I could not be any more specific but there is not enough information to tell if it could be insects or a disease.  


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