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We live in Champaign County, Ohio.  Ohio was hit hard by the Green Emerald Ash Borer and we've lost our mature Green Ash tree(s) in front of our home.  What is important to note is that 'front' is southern exposure.  Exposures that bring in sun into our front picture window.  Also important to note that out here in this rural farming community, the southern winds can get/be brutal at times, whipping out of the open southern farm fields.

With that said, we sadly must remove the huge, dead Green Ash out front of the house and are considering replacing tree with a River Birch.  Preferably a multi-trunk variety.  I've done some research into these trees and we truly like the look of these River Birch trees and do see them around in other yards around the county.  (Clay soil and on our property, we are cursed with two mature Black Walnut trees out back.)  We like the idea of a fast growing tree as we do not wish to replace our dead tree with a slow grower at our age in order to enjoy it!?

We now see that there are many varieties of River Birches however, that planting one with a southern exposure may be a bad idea.  Would you have any advise for us?

Thanking you in advance for any information that you can provide.

Kind Regards, Joy & John, Champaign County, Ohio

River birch would be a good choice. It is wind resistant after the roots get established. It will get large about with a 40-50 height and 25-40 foot spread at maturity.
Here is a link to the heritage river birch, I wuld check with your local nursery for the best one for your yard, the southern exposure should not be a problem since they like full sunlight.


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