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I have an eastern redbud that seems to be suffering similar symptoms listed for tulip tree scale; raining droplets of what I assumed was sap. It makes everything sticky, eventually turns black. (Incredibly grossed out by the fact that its excremental)
I believe it's been going on for a couple, few years. The tree isn't losing leaves, and seems ok otherwise.
Is it ok to use the Bayer Advanced Garden Tree and Shrub Insect Control at this time of the year? How long does it take to work?
One last question, how do I get the "droppings" off my picnic table and chairs sitting under my tree?

Yes you can use the product now. This is a insecticide that is applied to the soil and the roots will carry it to the leaves and twigs and when the insect feeds they will be killed. Soon the tree will begin to shut down for the winter and movement of sap up the tree will be little. In the spring when the leaves bud out there is a great deal of sap movement up. This is the best time to treat using soil applied insecicides. You will get some effect now so it depends on you. But definately treat next spring. The droppings are honeydew from where the insect has secreted a sugar based liquid as they suck the plant juices.
Get this off furniture by using a dish washing liquid soap or mixing about a cup of vinigar in a gal of water and washing the furiture. But until you control the insects the honeydew will come back.  


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