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I live in St. George Utah. Its in Southern Utah about 2 hours from Las Vegas. I have had my globe willow for about 9 months. It was doing really well, but now all of the leaves turned yellow and have curled up and are drying out. I also noticed what looks like very tiny little ants climbing up the trunk. Could the problem be not enough water, to much water or these tiny ants. Could the tree be saved? What can I do? thank you

Sounds like it could be aphids. Check and see if the foliage and/or twigs are sticky. Aphids suck the plant juices and leave a sticky residue. The feeding will cause the leaves to curl. A small tree can be sprayedd with an insecticide IF the sticky is there. Check with your local garden type store for an insecticide for aphids. IF there is no sticky then I would say it is water. Willows like a lot of water. I would water evry third day with 1 inch of water. Place a pan under the tree and turn on the sprinkler and when the pan has 1 inch f water in it stop. Do this every third day unless you get a good rain. Next Spring fertilize the tree with 1 lb of 10-10-10 fertilizer scattered around the tree and watered in good. Make sure if you use a lawn fertilizer called Weed and Feed that none of this fertilizer gets near the tree. Weed and feed contains a herbicide that will kill trees.


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