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Branch that fell
Branch that fell  

Branch that fell
Branch that fell  
I have a black walnut tree that has been dropping 3 inch to 5 inch branches recently I will include pictures but you can see that there is very little to know yellowing of the leaves and the  Walnut seem to be healthy. There is green growth on the side of the tree and the branches and I am wondering if I have an infestation of my treat. There are pictures of the trunk for you to differentiate what type of black walnut tree this is    Please let me know if I need to take the tree down or whether it is just an incidental issue   I have more pictures to send but this email program won't let me send them

It is hard to tell but are the limbs that dropped live or dead- did they have leaves on them. Also is the ends of the limbs where it broke off hard wood or soft decayed wood?? And how far up the trunk were the dropped limbs? Depending on the answers I am thinking If the ends of the limbs were decayed then the trunk of the tree maybe decayed up to that point. If so then the trunk inside has decayed and will become hollow over time. Also a picture of the tree crown would help in determining the health of the tree. A hollowed decayed tree can last for many years. Depending on its location - next to the house it may become a hazard. Fertilizing the tree with 10-10-10 fertilizer at the rate of 1 lb per inch of trunk diameter will greatly increase the overall health of the tree  I would fertilize now scatter it around the tree from the trunk to the ends of the branches and water it in good- apply the fertilizer just before a rain storm and you will not need to water. Do this again in the spring. Without the above information that would be my guess for treatment.  


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