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Hi Howard, I have a 72 spitfire and i can hear a unusual sound when i release the clutch pedal. It sounds like something in scraping. The clutch master cylinder is good and full of fluid.A local mechanic said it could be a bad "throw-out " Bearing??. Any ideas and is it a difficult fix?, THanks  Wayne.....

Hi Wayne,

I would just confirm that it is not something simple like a dry pedal pivot and if it is coming from inside the bell housing you either need to remove the engine or the gearbox to gain access. It could even be clutch plate lining problem. The tunnel is removable so I would take the gearbox out to access the clutch and throw out bearing.

It does not matter what it is if it is inside as you need to go inside to fix anything in there. If it is making noise enough to hear then is should be obvious when you get in there.

At the dealership we mad sure to put everything in when we get in there as it is a lot of work but not hard work. You do need a service manual to do the job. Don't forget the pilot bearing too when you are in there.


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