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QUESTION: I am looking for a list of numbers of compatible non-return valved spin on oil filter cans, for TR6.
I have searched but forum lists are out of date, and valved ones are not identified. Can you help?
Thanks Nick.

ANSWER: Hi Nick,

Here in the US I remember back in the 70's there were two different adapter fittings to put a spin on filter on the TR-6 and they looked alike except one was US threads and the other was metric threads so we had to be careful when replacing a spin on filter.

Because of the position of the filter we always had to be sure it had a non-return valve (the rubber valve just inside the small outside holes.) We also liked to see it have a bypass valve too, just in case the customer didn't change filter each time he changed oil and it could become clogged.

You can easily see the non-return valve so we didn't depend on the vendor to assure us that it had one. The auto parts stores here in the US always had a book to list the features and many had a code system in their part number that indicated it's features like the non-return valve.

I have not bought a spin on filter for a TR-6 in many years, but I am sure that suppliers like Moss Motors, British Victoria and most of the other on-line suppliers can tell you if they have the non-return valve, although I would hope none of them would even handle a filter for the TR-6 that didn't have the non-return valve.

Your auto parts stores in your area should have the features of each filter number. If not, just look at it to see if the you see the rubber flap valve in the small holes. Or you can order your filters from one of the Triumph specialist on-line suppliers.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I need to know for when buying 'blind' off ebay,the sellers assume that you know what you want so dont 'qualify' the likes of a filter as with or without a valve. I have just sourced info off a TR6 forum site that the Coopers AUDI
Z1232 is the best one to get. I just got one off EBAY.

I see, no one to ask on E-Bay that you could trust.

You can take a known good number and call an auto parts store that you deal with and ask for all of the part numbers of the other brands that cross to that number. That info is listed in their interchange book. That will give you other brand filter numbers that are the same filter.

I worked for a importer of car parts and once got to tour a filter manufacture here in the US  and found that they often sold their filters to other manufactures and even printed the other manufactures logo and all on the filter. I watched a specific filter come down the production line and split off to 6 different silk screen paint machines and out the other end came 6 major brand filters. I first thought they were Pirates but they just fill in excess needs for other filter companies at times. So sometimes you don't know who made the filter that is in a box.


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