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My 69 TR6 has the rear driver's side lean, sits quite a bit lower on that side. What's the most common cause and fix for this? Have heard this described as the Triumph lean. What should I have my mechanic look for? Spring does not seem to be broken.

Also, turn signals just started doing this......front signals light but don't flash, rear signals dont light at all, emergency flashers stopped working. Noticed also when turn signals were working, big red light on dash above/between tach & speedometer flashed on & off with right turn signal, did not flash with left signal.???

Hi Rick,

On the lean to one side you need to first check to see if you have "Gas over oil" shocks. If you do, check both sides to see if the low side has the gas leaked out thus making it lean to one side. If you don't have gas over oil shocks you probably have weak springs on the low side. On an old car that has been driven a lot with only the driver and no passenger for many years it weakens the springs on one side. Some people either shim up the low side or swap the springs to the other side.

As for the turn signals you first need to test all the bulbs and confirm that they all are the same wattage. The turn signal unit works on electrical resistance to control the rate of blink and when one bulb is either burned out or disconnected the other bulb doesn't have sufficient load to make the flasher unit operate correctly. On some cars the rate of flash just changes on the one side.

If that don't correct the problem you need to take your wiring diagram and start tracing all the wiring in the turn signal and flasher unit circuits.


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