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Triumph Repair/lost of power on 1980 spitfire


The car idles smoothly.  In neutral it gradually revs up.  If you quickly push on the gas pedal, it almost stalls out. In gear it has very little power.  This happened all of a sudden while driving one day.  The car has only 12,000 original miles on it.  and has been garage kept for 32 years. Do you have any suggestions of what I should check first.

Hi Robert,

If that car was brought to me in a dealership I would first run a compression test and check the ignition system and change the gasoline and check the fuel pressure. If all that were correct and ONLY if all that were correct I would check the diaphragm in the carburetor and check the oil in the top pot of the carburetor, as that is what takes the place of an accelerator pump on a domestic carburetor.


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