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Triumph Repair/TR7 front strut closure nut


Closure nut 1
Closure nut 1  

Closure nut 2
Closure nut 2  

  I'm trying to take my front struts apart and replace the damper cartridge but I can't get the closure nut off.  I guess I'm lucky it isn't like in the manual where it's round with just some notches in it, instead, mine is an octagon shape about 2 inches across.  Problem is, I can bang away at it with a wrench but the octagon shape is thin and I'm damaging it.  First I wanted to check if it's a regular right hand thread or left hand ?  I tried heating up the tube and also using penetrating oil - any other suggestions ?



Hi Steve,

Since it is already rounded off it would be a waste of money to get a large wrench that size so just get a pipe wrench and it is conventional threads and unscrews to the left. If necessary put a piece of pipe on the handle of the wrench to use as a cheater bar to give you more leverage.


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