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Triumph Repair/valve cover and oil pan gasket


Good Day,
  I am replacing the valve cover and oil pan gasket on my 1979 triumph spitfire and was hoping advice. I heard that overtightening can cause a leak....any suggestions?

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Hi Clarence,

This can be true because both the pan and the valve cover are sheet metal and over tightening can distort the sheet metal and thus make a gasket leak.

Most mechanics put a sealer on the gasket on only one side and that it the side that contacts the sheet metal. Then just use a short wrench on the two nuts on the valve cover to snug them down.

The book quotes only 2 foot lbs on the valve cover so be sure to use a short wrench and just snug it down with one hand.

The pan screws can be tightened tighter then that. Be careful with the bolts at the front especially and don't over tighten them as they are screwed into a pot metal bar across the front and easily stripped out.


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