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Triumph Repair/TR6 Air conditioner removal


I'm removing the A/C unit from my 1975 TR6. What is the procedure for the Freon? I'm concerned that if I disconnect the hoses, freon will go everywhere. I don't have any experience with freon or A/C units.

Hi John,

In most states it is not legal to exhaust freon to the air so you should take the car to most any auto repair shop that does AC work and they will have a recovery unit to take the freon. It should be a minor expense but call several to see what they charge to evacuate the freon. It does not matter that the car is a Triumph since the Triumph TR-6 never had a AC unit installed at the factory so all were American unites and the valves are the same on any R-12 system. It is unlikely that it is a 134 system as I don't think any 134 freon systems were ever made to fit a Triumph.

Be careful as Freon R-12 is poisonous if burned and 134 is poisonous in it's natural form. Some R-12 systems were charged with a Propane bases gas so look for any stickers or receipts in the car if you don't know the history. Most AC shops can deal with any of the gases though.


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