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I'm doing a frame off restoration of the subject car (KF770L rotoflex).  Is there a detailed schematic of the front and rear brake lines with the correct bends and lengths?  I have the GT6 brake line kit from Team Triumph in Warren, OH.  The old lines are useless and separated from the unions and in a complete tangle.  They were removed several years ago and there is no corporate memory remaining.

GT-6 Lines
GT-6 Lines  
Hi Robert,

I have never seen a detailed diagram of brake lines with distance of bends etc. Here is a picture of the lay out of the GT-6 brake lines with a single circuit master cylinder. It may be a little help in where to make the mounting and thus the bends. It looks like a right hand drive car so you will have to rout the line to the master cylinder to match the car.


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