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Triumph Repair/TR6 radio installation.


Hi Howard thank you for that breakdown of the oil pressure operation and repair of my 1976 TR6. It was very helpful. I had also asked a question on stock radio installation for the same vehicle. I was hoping you could tell me if there is a faceplate that should go on the outside of the dash. There is an indentation like one belongs there but I can not find one in my search. Thanks  Mike

Hi Mike,

The TR-6 like all the British cars never came from the factory with a radio in them. We at the dealership had to install radios and antennas. Yes there was always a face plate and on some of the radios there was a two plate front. The first plate had a chrome outter edge and a flat black face plate went over that. The face plates came with the radios. The car came from Triumph with a blank plate that was discarded when a radio was to be installed.

You should be able to take your radio to any auto radio installation shop and purchase a face plate to fit your radio.


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