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Hi Howard:

I am experiencing a strange noise in the front end of my 1979 TR7.  When I make a right turn at low speed (approx 10-20 mph) I hear a high-pitched squealing noise in my front end. I think it is coming from the front left (driver's side).  When I complete the turn and the car is going straight the noise stops.  

I have jacked up the front end of the car and spun the tires in order to find this noise.  I have not been able to replicate it.  

Would you have any ideas or procedures on how to diagnose this issue?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Matt,

I would first jack up the front again and check for any free play in the wheel bearing as the TR-7 Wheelbearings were a little on the light duty side on the TR-7. Any free play in the bearings will allow the wheel to tilt over and cause the brake disk to contact the caliper. Also, check to see if the tire is making contact with the strut tube. Wheel bearing play will allow the tire to contact the strut tube in a hard turn. In a right hand turn the right wheel would be the one making contact but a noise can seem to come from either side so you must check both sides.

You should not be able to feel any free play in the bearing. If you have an over sized tire on the front it may make contact anyway in a hard turn just due to the flexing of the axle. Look at the strut tube and look closely at the disk for any signs of metal contact on either side of the disk.


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