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Triumph Repair/1980 TR7 Headlight Switch


The headlights will not lift on my 1980 TR7. I believe it is the  Headlight Switch. I cannot get the switch to pull out after pushing down on the 2 plastic clips. Please explain how to disconnect this switch. Thank you very much, Anthony

Hi Anthony,

The headlight switch is the far left switch in the switch panel. To remove the switch remove the two screws holding the switch panel on and pull the switch panel outward. Squeze the two ends of the plastic clips that hold the harness plug to the switch and remove the harness plug from the switch.

Remove the face plate and switch identification panel (usually held on by two clips).

The switch comes out the front when the plastic pieces on the switch body are depressed so as to allow the switch to come out the front of the panel.

Sometimes it is easier to remove all harnes plugs and remove the whole panel. Then remove the face plate and SW ID.  Then it is easier to depress and force the switch out the front.


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