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Triumph Repair/Retro Radio Installation - 1976 TR6


Hi Howard:

I'm installing a Retrosound Model 1 radio in my 1976 TR6 and was hoping to confirm wiring details to avoid any problems or damage.  The original radio was removed before I bought the car so I don't know how it was hooked up.  The wiring harness for the new radio calls for 1 connection to Ignition/Acc, 1 connection to constant 12v power for the radio memory and 1 connection to ground.  I've located the white/pink wire from the ignition.  Do both ignition and constant power connect to this wire or is there another constant power wire there somewhere?  Also, I don't see a loose ground wire in the area so don't know where the harness ground should be connected.  Can you advise how to proceed with the hook-up?  Speakers and aerial connections are fine.  Just a little confused with power and ground.



Hi John,

The radio evidently needs a constant power when the key is off so it can keep a memory of stations and/or a code necessary to operate the radio.

If you don't find a plug for a radio then all you need to do is go to your fuse block and with a 12v test light test for any positions that have power with the key on and no power when the key is off. That is for what ever wire the radio recommends for the power on connection. (you can test the white/pink wire for this connection). You should attach any radio filters that came with the radio too.

Then turn off the ignition and use the test light to find a wire that is powered while the ignition is off. (usually a purple or plain brown wire) If you can't locate one under the dash, go out to the fuse panel and make your connection there for the constant power connection.

Many new radios have a code that must be put in to make it operate so the constant power wire must be connected to a wire or fuse position that is hot all the time. You should not connect the main radio wire to a constant power because then the radio will have power all the time and a problem in the radio or if you were to forget to turn it off, it will run your battery down over night. The constant on wire for the memory does not draw much current so it will not run the battery down.

Grounds are black wires or connect it to a clean metal point of the car.


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