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Triumph Repair/TR6 Trunk Lock Cylinder


I am slowly going through a 74 TR6 that was in fair shape.
There was only an ignition key with the car. Bought a trunk lock assembly with keys on ebay but the chrome around the push button is not nice. The lock works smoothly.
The lock in my car is unlocked and looks good.
How can I change out the tumbler?

Hi Arnold,

It has been a long time since I did any work on the trunk latch system on a TR-6 but I thought that there was a screw in the end that had the latch opposit the key and that released the tumbler assembly. If the end does not have a screw then my memory has slipped too far.

Then the only thing I can suggest is to call Moss Motors as they have a more current tech department or just take the assembly to a locksmith.


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