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My 1981 clutch pedal has no pressure when depressing and cannot put in gear.  I found a piece of rubber hose under the car.  It looks like a vacuum hose.  Is there a vacuum etc that is part of the clutch assembly? If so, is this something I can replace myself?  The car only has 18,000 miles. Thanks

Hi Jim,

No vacuum on any part of the clutch system. First check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder reservoir under the hood. If it is low add DOT 4 brake fluid and pump the clutch pedal in very slow long pumps. If the pedal does not come up to having resistance you need to look under the car to see if hte fluid is leaking out. If it is you need to repair what ever is leaking, a flex line or if it is coming out of the bellhousing you need to rebuild the slave cylinder (if so you should rebuild the master cylinder also at the same time)

If there is no fluid leaking under the car you will need to get help and bleed the clutch like a brake system. The bleeder valve is on the slave cylinder down on the bellhousing.


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