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Hi battery keeps going flat after 1 day changed alternates and  new starter motor took all interior bulbs out of car but battery will not charge brand new battery also fitted thanks danny

Hi Danny,

When a new battery goes dead in just a day or so the first test is to charge the battery and then remove either cable from the battery. Then confirm that everything is turned off. If the car has an electric clock you need to locate the fuse for the clock and remove it.

Now put a 12v test light between the cable and the battery post. If it lights the test light you have a short in the wiring somewhere. First test is to remove the all of the wires off of the Alternator (if it has an alternator not a generator) Then check the test light again to see if it went out. If not start removing fuses one at a time checking your test light each time.

You said the battery will not charge. Do you mean an electric battery charger would not charge it or did you mean the car charging system will not charge it?? If an external charger will not charge the battery you need to take it back where you purchased it. But if you mean the car charging system will not charge it, do this. Connect a volt meter across the battery terminals and read battery voltage (12. something) then start the engine and set the RPM on 1500 RPM and read the voltmeter. It should read from 13.8v to 14.5v or close to it. Any lower then that you need to correct the charging system.


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