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Triumph Repair/TR7 Steering Rack Adjustment


Dear Howard:

You have answered many of my questions in the past and I appreciate the effort.

I had a question about TR7 steering racks.  The rack in my car has been replaced with a new unit.  However when I drive the car I have to make many small steering corrections.  In other words, I feel as if there is too much play maybe in the rack.

I have checked other parts of the suspension first.  The tie rod ends are new, as are the ball joints.  The steering column firewall bushing is also new.  The steering shaft u-joints are original and may have play in them, but I have not checked that yet.

I was just wondering if you knew how to check a steering rack for play, and how this can be adjusted.  

Thanks for any help,
Matt Milkevitch

Hi Matt,

Check for any free play in the steering when sitting still on pavement. You should have little to no free play in the steering wheel. If you do, have some one wiggle only the free play in the wheel while you look under the hood at the steering shaft and rack to see where the free play is. If you don't have any free play check the toe-in as a wandering and need to keep correcting is a sign of the toe-in being wrong. It should have only a 1/16" to a 1/8" toe in.

Also check the rear suspension bushings as worn rear suspension bushing will make you have to keep correcting the steering.


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