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Where can I find the locations of the wire loom grounds .I am having trouble with my 76 triumph spitfire electrical, seems I am missing some ground points.

Hi Larry,

I looked through all my wiring diagrams and could not come up with a harness grounds location. Also it has been too many years to remember them. The few I do remember are, one was bolted to the battery ground point on the Battery tray with the battery ground cable. Just from working on all the British cars they always had a harness ground close to the front lights and the rear lights and one or more under the dash.

I also, in the dealerships had to check for a loss of a ground by applying power to what ever didn't operate or like a dim light. This was easier then it seemed. Just turn on the item and use a volt meter set on a low volt scale and check from the battery post (not the cable end) to the body for voltage. Especially the hood because that was a problem often. Also there was usually a ground on each light asembly and they were often poor connections due to rust. This is called a "Voltage Drop Test". It is used to find poor connections and lost grounds.


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