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I have a 1976 TR 6.
How do I access where the washer hose splits into a Y to feed each wiper/sprayer? I can't get my hands underneath where I believe it should be. I accidently pulled it out before I figured out how the washer worked.
I don't see any access to where the intake grill for the heater/blower assembly is (near the engine hood) or from the engine side of the firewall. The hose tucks into an area I can't see or get access to, either to replace or reconnect.

I can't see where the hose comes out, and can't follow the hose after it exist the engine compartment. What a mess.

Hopefully there is a way to access

Please advise.

Hi Steve,

Yes, you stepped into it without your boots on. The hose goes into a boxed in area and into the front vent area. First remove the front vent door to see if you can access it through there. If not you may have to remove the right front fender to access the hose. Some use a long stiff wire to tape the hose to and feed that wire in through the holes to pull the hose through.

The book talks about going into the dash area but a friend who works on TR-6's today says to go into the vent first and then remove the right front fender to access the area to feed in a stiff wire with the end of the hose taped to it. It depends on what has pulled loose.

I worked on and restored a few TR-6's but that was 35 to 40 years ago and I don't remember the washer hoses. If the vent door area still is a single hose going into the firewall you may need to remove the glove box and see with a light and a small mirror if the "Y" is under the dash.


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