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QUESTION: Hi Not sure if my last question went through. I am refitting a rear spring suspension,none of my books show how to get the spring back on the diff. Is there any technique involved  Thankyou.  Peter

ANSWER: Hi Peter,

I have only worked on a few Heralds and that was many years ago. Does your coupe have independent rear suspension with the one spring running across to each wheel? If so look at this diagram to see how each part fits. See if this helps any.

This is from a parts plate from a company that selles Herald parts. The studs thread into the top of the differential case and the spring is sandwitched down on the top of the diff case with a plate that is held down by nuts on the threaded studs.

How did you take it off? If it was out when you got it, you may have to remove the rear studs from the top of the diff case to get the spring in and then put the rear studs back in after you put the spring in place. The other way is to drop the differential case down to gain access. I don't think the spring will slide in from the side with all of the studs in place and it could be a problem if you remove the spring clamps to do it.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for replying. I dismantled the spring to replace the bushes. The spring fits back on the diff ok but it doesn't line up with the wheels. if  the spring gets fitted to the wheels. If i connect it to the wheels first then the spring is too high for the diff

I believe that if you attach the spring to the differential first and then attach the outter two vertical plates to the spring (with the shock off) then you should be able to place a floor jack under the wheel hub and jack it up far enough to attach the shock again.

Let me know if that works.


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