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I have problem with suddenly loosing power to ignition and wiggling the key in the ignition restore power to the distributor. I checked various suppliers like Victoria British and no one has replacement Ignition Switch for 1979 Spitfire 1500. Can I install a switch connecting battery power directly to the coil, or where should connection be made to?

Hi Michael,

I am surprised that one of the Spitfire parts suppliers don't have a switch for it. Yes it would be easy to put in any univerals Igintion / Start switch form most any auto parts store but you need to remove the electrical part of the old switch and put all of the wires on the new ignition switch because the ignition switch does more then just turn on the ignition.

The old switch also controls the steering lock so you either need to leave the old switch in to keep the lock system or remove the whole unit.

The electrical wiring is easy to transfer to the new switch. The plain large brown wire is the power form the battery. The white w/red tracer wire is the starter wire. And all the other wires go together on the Ignition position. They are all needed because one is the alternator and others are ignition and emission control and brakes etc. But they all can go together on the new "IGN" position of the new switch.


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