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QUESTION: Hello, this question is with regard to the door top inner weatherstrips. These strips are made with a metal (I think aluminium) and a fleece part.
What part has to appear at the top of the door? You can interchange left hand and right hand strip, so you will have a different fit.
Thanks in advance for your answer!

Kind regards, Robert

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

You are in the Triumph section so I am guessing this is a Triumph but I need to know what kind of Triumph.


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QUESTION: Hi, sorry, I forgot to mention... it is a TR6 of 1973

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

The metal piece that attaches to the metal frame of the top that has the Velcro on it is attached to the frame of the top with either screws or pop rivits. Then the rubber seal can be attachwd to the frame.

Because the top folds part way back over the door glass there are two pieces of metal with velcro and two pieces of rubber seal. There is a front and rear piece of each. Yes the right and the left are the same.

There are several companies on the Internet that sell these pieces. The rubber pieces may be matched up at most any automotive trim shop.


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TR6 inner top door seal strip
TR6 inner top door sea  
QUESTION: Hello Howard, thanks to your answer. But I think, I was not precise enough with my  question. Luckily, it is intended to attach images. So I sent a picture of the inner seal strip with my more detailed question.
Thanks in advance for your patience....

Kind regards, Robert

Look at the other half of the velcro that is attached to the top itself and you can see which way to turn the metal strip. If you put it on the frame the wrong way the flap on the top with the other half of the velcro can not be attached. It has been almost 40 years ago since I put a top on a TR-6 so I don't remember which side of the top flap had the other side of the velcro but I do remember you can't put it on backwards because the top's halve of the velcro would not be able to be stuck together.

Just stick the velcro to the top and the metal part will hang in the correct oriantation. If you are attaching the piece to the frame and you don't yet have a top let me know and I will contact a friend who has several TR-6's and ask which way it is on the frame.


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