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Triumph Repair/Greasing TR7 Strut Bearings


Hi Howard:

Thanks for working with me on my clutch issues.

Now a new question.  Is it possible to grease the TR7 strut bearings without removing the while strut assembly from the car?  

My steering is stiff and several TR7 forum members indicated that the cone assembly in the strut needs a coating of grease.  When I replaced the strut inserts about 2 years ago I did not apply any grease to this area.  Do you have any experience with this?

Thanks again,

It would be impossible to get greese into the area that needs lube but you could spray "Penatrating Gell Lube" up from under the fender in the area just above the upper spring plate and the upper three bolt plate attached to the body. If your auto parts store don't have any of the spray gell lube go to a motorcycle shop and ask for spray chain lube. (same stuff)

The only way to greese it on the car is to use "J" bolt spring compresssors the compress the spring so you can remove the upper plate and get to the thrust washer to greese it. Try the Gell spray lube first to see if it solves the problem.


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